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Cassandra Kalpaxis

Cassandra Kalpaxis - Kalpaxis Legal - Family Law, Criminal Law & Medical Negligence

Cassandra is the Director of Kalpaxis Legal Pty Ltd and our Principal Solicitor.

Cassandra offers a wealth of experience in the legal industry having obtained employment in a law firm over 15 years ago, working as a Personal Assistant and eventually becoming an admitted Solicitor.

During that period of time, Cassandra built up invaluable networks within the profession and also with external providers which may be of invaluable assistance to your matter.

Working in a number of law firms, Cassandra has learnt to communicate effectively with clients in stressful situations and to offer advice in plain English without the need for complicated legal jargon.

Cassandra offers an empathetic approach to all clients prides herself on being approachable.

Cassandra is most comfortable in a court room and has extensive experience as a Litigator.

Cassandra offers expertise in both Criminal Law and Family Law Matters, and understands the two areas often cross over into one another. We pride ourselves on offering holistic representation in both areas to our clients, without the need to brief such matters externally.

With a wealth of experience in both Property and Parenting matters Cassandra is able to adequately represent you in any family law matter no matter what size the asset pool or how complicated the parenting issues may be.

Cassandra regularly appears in all courts across New South Wales and frequently appears in the Federal Circuit Court, Family Court, Local Courts and the District Courts of New South Wales.

Elena Kalpaxis

Office Manger
Elena Kalpaxis - Kalpaxis Legal - Family Law, Criminal Law & Medical Negligence

With a strong background in Customer service and Accounting, Elena is a valuable asset to firm.

Elena is the first point of contact for any client with our firm, and the person responsible for your Account. Elena has carriage of our diary and you will speak with her prior to any court attendance, Mediation or Alternate Dispute Resolution appearance.

Elena’s enthusiasm and vivacious personality provides our team with much humor and joy, and she is often the brightest one in the office. We warn you her warmth is infectious.

Seemingly never in anything but a good mood Elena, is the go to person when we want to discuss Animal rights, and she still maintains that bring your sausage dog to work day is a real thing.

Highly competitive with a strong eye for detail, Elena is the perfect combination of professional and approachable.

Erica Profilio

Erica Profilio - Kalpaxis Legal - Family Law, Criminal Law & Medical Negligence

A quiet achiever, Erica is modest about her excellent achievements at the firm. Erica plays a vital role here, and is responsible for assisting the Director in preparation of all matters that are listed for Alternate Dispute Resolution or before the Courts.

With a strong and lengthy background in marketing and customer relations, client focused service is what Erica strives for.

Often referred to as the Directors Right hand, as a client of the firm, you will be in regular contact with Erica, and she is available to answer any questions you may have.

Erica is responsible for assisting with preparation of court documents, reviewing any correspondence received by the office and legal research.

You will often find Erica rushing between courts to file documents, dropping off briefs to Counsel or arranging court documents.

Whilst Erica has been blessed with good genes and an impressive physical appearance, we can assure you that she is definitely the brains of our operation, and a IT genius.